Treasury Solutions

I-nercya has developed a set of proprietary solutions that adapt to the needs of our customers.

SGENET - Mortgage Documentation Management System

SGEnet is an application developed using web technology that manages all mortgage related processes and related financial institutions operations.

  • Microsoft ASP.NET Architecture
  • Architecture SQL SERVER

Key Concepts

  • Digital File

    All information related to the file is stored digitally, centrally.

    The digital dossier is accessible for future inspection/use.

  • Audit and Control

    The system guarantees the correct progression through the system providing alerts and incident management.

    Audits all inputs and data modifications.

  • Coordination

    The system co-ordinates all the actions of the various system users. Appraisers, notaries, Branches, Tramitadoras Records and Administration offices.

  • The Process

    The system will ensure that all parties involved will work according to pre-defined procedures, which are certified with the seal of quality ISO 9001:2000 issued by AENOR.

    See Certification
  • Adaptability

    The system is flexible and therefore adaptable to changes in the current legislation and the processes of each entity.

  • Integration

    Data integration with external systems and processes.

  • Document Management

    All previously scanned documents are stored in the electronic file. Risks Report, Invoices, Script, Overstock, etc..

    Most of this documentation is scanned and attached to the Processing Administration offices.


  • BBVA
  • Caja 3
  • Global Gestión
  • Goya OTS
  • Bankia

TSP - Training Support Platform

TSP is a platform that allows managing hybrid learning processes: Classroom and Online.

Traning Support Platform supports a mixed model training using the advantages of on-line and classroom training.

  • Microsoft ASP.NET Architecture
  • Architecture SQL SERVER

Traditional E-learning

  • Students can feel pressure and remoteness, they end up discouraged.
  • There is little involvement with the tutor.
  • Content creation is complex for non-technical users.
  • To date it has not supplanted face to face training, much more rooted in a culture like ours.


  • The involvement of the tutor is crucial.
  • The training is based on classroom sessions reinforced in a technological framework that has all the advantages of e-learning. It causes feelings of closeness, cooperation and participation.
  • It promotes the idea of training process.
  • Generates an accessible future knowledge. Knowledge Management.
  • (Cons)
  • (Pros)


  • Personalization

    The tool is customized for the particular training project.

  • Flexibility

    Allows the trainer to tailor the course content to the training process and the real needs of each group, etc...

  • Maintenance

    The trainer through the backoffice tool, can manage their courses easily.

  • Implementation

    Easy to implement web application, distribution and access to its users.

  • Scalability

    Given the system architecture, the inclusion of new functionality is realized easily.


The tool promotes learning, training by improving student motivation and providing a comprehensive monitoring process:

  • Benefits to the process

    Reinforces learning channels providing an integrative framework for the training, personalized and adapted to the real needs of the student. Provides tools to facilitate student learning.

    Facilitates rapid integration of new trainers in the process, both external and internal.

    Generates a Knowledge Manager in the organization.

  • Benefits results

    Provides information about the real needs of the group at the beginning and end of the training process, their current skills and areas for improvement.

  • Benefits transfer

    Provides support elements that strengthen the training phase and transfer of knowledge. Trainers create lasting content remaining in the company for future reference.

SGSR – Management Systems of Registration Services

The SGRS systems is a Web platform that integrates financial institutions and their associates, performing management processes such as, registration information Chattels, Real estate and Commercial Information.

The system:

  • Has a direct connection with the College Registrar by eliminating middlemen in the process.
  • Implements the full cycle: Application, Approval, Interface, Delivery, Integration and billing operations. This process is adaptable to individual customer needs.
  • Integrates requests to the accounting and billing system.
  • Microsoft ASP.NET Architecture
  • Architecture SQL SERVER

Register Real Estate

  • Simple Note Holder.
  • Note Simple Property.
  • Note Location.

Personal Property Registry

  • Motor vehicles Briefing Notes.

Trade information

  • Deposit Accounts (images and XBRL format).
  • Continuous Monitoring.
  • Information: Powers of a charge, Bylaws, Regulations, etc...
  • List of societies where a charge appears on a Register.
  • International Searches (EBR).
  • XML Request an information note.
  • Statistics NCEA.
  • Certifications.