The Company

I-nercya intelligent software, is the culmination of a business project started in mid-1998.

We are a company continually evolving, we aimed to provide innovative technology solutions with a clear objective: to provide competitive advantage to organizations.

Our direction is marked by the constant creation and innovation in high technology solutions and professional, always geared to the needs of our customers and value within the framework of our exclusive customer treatment.

Proprietary development methodologies, our constant adaptation to the latest technologies, professional / team with extensive experience in the sector, as well as a wide range of solutions, focused on many business sectors, enable us to provide customers the guarantee of success in their efforts to improve their skills.

The Difference

I-nercya Intelligent Software has been in the market of developing web-based enterprise solutions for over 14 years. The reasons why a company should have an Internet presence are manifold:

  • Adapting to new business models.
  • Exponential technological growth.
  • Ability to access new markets.
  • Competitive Advantage.
  • Corporate image.
  • Reduced costs.

We believe therefore in the patent need for organizations to adapt their business processes to the Internet.

We provide excellent solutions in the following areas:

  • Consultancy, Development and Maintenance Systems.
  • Graphic and Multimedia Design.
    • Systems Support.
    • Presentations and Corporate Communications.
  • Outsourcing.
    • Professional Web Technologies.
    • Graphic Design and Multimedia.

The Team

To implement good ideas, it takes more than enthusiasm. It's easy to rush into new activities.

We think you need to think carefully about which activities to perform, how to support this work, what people need, where to find the training and resources...

Therefore, it is imperative to have a robust, demanding and professional team who you trust, to be able to provide quick and consistent solutions to meet customer needs.

That's why, the team that is i-nercya, is concentrated on the research and development of computer systems that help companies improve and strengthen their infrastructure.

ISO 20000 certified company

I-nercya has recently obtained the ISO 20000 certification, which currently few service companies within Information Technology have. This certification is quality oriented, like ISO 9001, but dedicated entirely to IT Service Management. The certification in this International Standard can prove independently that the services offered meet best practices.

This achievement is due to the commitment of the team within i-nercya to provide continuous improvement and thus achieving the highest levels of quality service and commitment to its customers.

Our Values

  • Initiative and Creativity

    With a good dose of initiative and creativity, day to day the quality of our systems is enhanced, providing best products to our customers.

  • Proximity

    We try to work face to face with our customers, this helps to reach a mutual understanding and work more efficiently.

  • Responsiveness

    We commit ourselves to work and adapt to the needs of our customers, delivering on time to the best of our abilities.

  • Quality

    Our motto is: no quality no product, and no product, no customer.

  • Leadership

    We are known to our customers as leaders in innovation.

  • Effectiveness

    Is achieved by working in an "efficient" and "effective" way.

  • Teamwork

    We work together to get the best solutions for our customers.

  • Commitment

    We have a strong commitment to technology. We try to adapt the latest in technology to provide solutions to our customers.

  • Excellence

    We keep our promises, exceeding the expectations of our customers.

  • Innovation

    No innovation, no development and without development there is no continuity.