IT Consulting

More and more people are defined as business consultants but i-nercya aim not just to wear the title but to prove our capabilities.

The consulting team i-nercya offers the highest quality in terms of the services offered. Organization and strategy combined with the latest technology in the market, providing excellent results as borne out by all our customers.

Currently, i-nercya has a professional team of well qualified people to solve the challenge of analysing any business process. The quality of our consulting services has been, and continues to be, continuously evaluated through the many projects we have done, whether "leading them" or providing our expertise as "consultants".


  • Systems and computing environments can deteriorate if not properly maintained. Applications require new "Versions", "Updates", "Security fixes", etc...
  • One of our tasks as i-nercya is to maintain these applications, replacing the old versions with new ones, improving and updating the security thereof.
  • Our work in this regard is based on the close relationship we have with our clients, adapting their business processes, empowering them to deal with the wide variety of technology providers.


This consists of the proper use of resources in order to get a better "quality".

  • I-nercya aids economic growth of the company, and contributes towards other business objectives such as "Market growth", and "product diversification" across multiple market sectors such as Pharmaceutical, Banking, Universities, Municipalities, Government etc...
  • We strive for increasing personalization and improvement in the quality of our services, emphasizing constant renewal and increased service levels associated with products.