Financial Sector

I-nercya was developed primarily to provide management solutions for complex business processes integrating different agencies and departments, achieving returns through operational and financial optimizations.

Throughout the years we have built our own systems solutions which we have provided to Financial institutions and where necessary developing interfaces with third parties, thereby maximizing resources and provided fully integrated solutions.

Solutions / Services implemented in the Financial Sector

Risk Department

  • Management System Scripture. Prefirma, Signature and PostFirma.
  • Integration with appraisers, notaries, Records.
  • Management arrangements.
  • Verification registration.

Association of Registrars

  • Personal Property, Real Estate, Commercial Information.
    • Requests.
    • Integration of Information.
    • Billing and Accounting Management.


  • Systems information management subsidiaries.

Syndicated Operations

  • Management Agency. Management Platform syndicated transactions.


  • Implementation of training platforms.
  • SCORM Content Development Training.
  • Development of operating tables.

Human Resources

  • Implementation of Performance Management Systems and Management by Objectives.
  • System definition and job management.
  • Employee Portal . Intranet solutions.


  • Implementation of management audit solutions.

Address solutions

  • Balanced Scorecards.
  • Corporate and Multimedia Presentations.


  • Computer Consulting.
  • IT Training.
  • Development of interfaces and data integration solutions.
  • High availability and optimization of databases.

Services we offer the Financial Sector

Main Clients

  • Caja 3
  • Bankia
  • Caixa Catalunya
  • La Caixa
  • Banco Santander
  • BBVA
  • AgenSynd