Sales Force Negotiation Process Optimization

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Multinational Company, leader in both own and generic pharmaceutical products with a presence in nearly 90 countries spread over Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa Pharmaceutical.

  • As a global company specializing in healthcare, they have a wide range of solutions for both treatment and prevention of diseases.
  • Their areas of expertise are oncology, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and thrombosis and related disorders of the central nervous system.
  • They are currently creating powerful business areas such as vaccines, health care consumer, generic products and services to ensure and secure their presence in both established and emerging markets.

Initial Situation

This pharmaceutical company is currently distributing its products in United Kingdom through wholesalers. However, there are some accounts/products that are directly managed by a dedicated sales team.

This team negotiates with clients periodically (at least once a month) adjusting prices according to supply/demand of each product. Its main objective is to maximize sales by product for the stock available. Each of these negotiations must be approved by a team of Managers prior to its encoding in SAP.

The following issues were identified in the process:

  • The sales team worked with spreadsheets which made it very difficult to maintain and consolidate.
  • Communication between members of the sales team was inefficient (phone and email).
  • The approval process was managed both through email and telephone.
  • Reporting activities were costly because they did not have consolidated data.
  • Coding in SAP the negotiations was 100% manual, so apart from the time wasted it caused coding errors. Consequently errors in customer orders and therefore rework.
  • There was no visibility of the process in other departments / areas of the organization.

Customer Challenge

  • Optimize the negotiation process, from the preparation of the negotiation to approval and subsequent encoding in SAP.
  • Improve communication between members of the sales team.
  • Exploit the data related with the process and with the negotiations through Reports and Data export functionalities.
  • Automate encoding SAP negotiations.
  • Provide transparency and visibility of the process to the organization.
"Administrative processes are in many companies a source of inefficiencies. Their optimization involves savings in time and effort which affect direct and indirect costs of the products and services produced".
Manuel Zapatero García
Associate Consultant at I-nercya
"An App streamlines the process of negotiation online/offline, allowing information access with a mobile device".
Eva María Teruel Fernández
Associate Consultant at I-nercya

Proposed Solution

After analyzing the customer’s problem and looking to reuse their technological resources, a solution was proposed based on mobile solution and BPM (Business Process Management).

Mobile solution development and APP optimized for iPAD that allows:

  • Negotiate both Offline / Online with the customers.
  • Automate customer notifications by sending emails with negotiations, details of the negotiations and keeping the customer informed when the negotiation is finally approved.
  • Integrate within the APP all the information needed for the negotiating process, as data and market evolution, historical, comparative, etc...
  • Have an instant messaging system built into the APP for sending / receiving messages broadcast to all members of the sales team.
  • Implement the negotiation approval flow by the Managers.
  • Keep devices synchronized with the central platform.
  • Implement security mechanisms for managing devices and users.

Web Platform. The web system allows:

  • Check the real-time status of each negotiation and prioritization.
  • Provide a consolidated view of information at product and customer levels.
  • Implement flows associated with each negotiation through BPM technology.
  • Have a quick messaging system for sending / receiving messages broadcast to all members of the sales team.
  • Provide reporting and data extraction tools from both the process and negotiated prices.
  • Have a Backoffice tool to maintain information concerning Users, Accounts, Products and their relationships.
  • Have an audit trail system that allows the tracking of each negotiation processes, process synchronization with mobile devices and interface with SAP.
  • Manage activation/deactivation of mobile devices and users remotely from the Web Platform.
  • Have a flexible security model that handles functional roles to allow access to the platform by other departments of the organization.
  • Develop Interfaces to:
    • Synchronize with the APP or the central platform.
    • Integrate in SAP approved negotiations.

Results Obtained

  • High acceptance of the solution by the users.
  • Improved productivity of sales teams.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in the negotiation process.
  • Sharing of information between members of the sales team.
  • Minimization of approval negotiation times.
  • Automation in the encoding of information in SAP.
  • Reduction of costs associated with the negotiation process.
  • Increased commercial advantage in negotiations.

Next Steps

Following the successful implementation of the solution a new set of functionalities are going to be developed:

  • Implement both the APP and the web platform, other negotiation processes and their associated business flows.
  • Integrate into the APP information form, external flows needed by the Sales Team such data from the corporate CRM.
  • Develop the new module in the APP for managing customer orders.

Technological Environment

  • APP de negociación iOS optimizada para iPAD
  • Plataforma Web ASP.NET MVC 4
  • BPM. Microsoft WorkFlow Foundation
  • SQL Server 2012 (Servidor)
  • SQLite (iOS)
  • Interface con SAP

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