Business Process Reengineering (BPM)

I-nercya develop solutions to improve business processes, both critical and non-critical, for our customers. Our solutions seek to achieve the following:


  • Management of financial transactions linked to mortgages.
  • Syndicated Management operations.
  • Implementation of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

Human Resources

  • Selection Process.
  • Management by Objectives.
  • Definition of Jobs.
  • Performance Evaluation.

Audit and Quality

  • Process Internal / External Audits.

Systems Integration

  • Development of complex data integration projects.
  • Heterogeneous Integration with External Systems: CRM, ERP, HOST, etc...

Sales and Marketing

  • Trading Systems.
  • Strategic Planning Process.
  • Investment promo.
  • Travel Management.
  • Management of sales calls.
  • Distribution of Promotional Material.