Project goals:

ALLCANSPEAK is working on the development of a translation engine that allows real-time translation from Spanish to English and Vice-versa. We are working to integrate this functionality for learning a new language in professional contexts, in which translations and practical exercises help users improve their communication skills.

Those simultaneous translation capabilities must be integrated into technological contexts to allow its commercial viability. For that reason, we have focussed on the analisys, design, and implementation of last-generation technology that can be used by a large number of users.

technical goals

  • Voice-to-text system
  • Reconocimiento de Texto
    • Written/spoken text
    • Syntax and semantic analysis
    • Pattern learning and recognition system
  • Pedagogic translation system
    • Optimized storage Database and information processing
    • Specific language models
    • Training System
  • Automatic learning
    • Student training
    • Error Identification
  • Voice synthesis
    • Voice playback

Project impact/contribution

  • Professional environment
    • Improve communication skills among professionals who require to speak in a second language(English-Spanish)
    • Simulatenous Translation in specific working contexts
    • Automated support chabots
  • Academic environment
    • Allow students to technologies that contribute to improving their conversation, listening and learning skills
  • General purposes
    • Empower a limitless communication among people in a given language.
    • Offer a unique and integrable product/service by third parties.


  • OCR Generator Voice recognition and storage
  • Conversation recorder Voice Synthesizer
  • OCR Activation Voice-to-text conversation
  • Conversation and text review Automatic learning to translation improvements
  • Virtual Teacher:
    • Pedagogic and Contextual text translation
    • ChatBot
    • Language analysis and training system


  • Management and learning platform
  • Language Analysis and Training Systems
  • Generation of Specific Language Models
  • Technological Architecture / Interconnection Services

Technology challenges

  • Development of a simultaneous translation engine que se pueda integrar en otras soluciones (Apps, Webs, otros dispositivos, etc)
    • Capture, Transcription, Analysis and Translation based on Language models
    • Translation system by sector and topic, including an associated training system
    • Simulate voice tuning and intonation of users who are talking in English language.
  • Develop a language and support learning machine.